Carbamide vs Hydrogen Peroxide – Which one is the better teeth whitening product?

You’ve probably heard about these two teeth whitening products and are wondering, is one more effective than the other? Of course they both have things that make them unique in the way they work, so let’s have a look at each individual product to determine their effectiveness.

Carbamide Peroxide

Compared to hydrogen peroxide, it is fairly gentle. This is because instead of using the bleaching power of hydrogen peroxide directly on your teeth, you would be substituting this for a compound that breaks down to give 3.5% of this active ingredient. Dentists usually stick to the recommended 16% carbamide Peroxide when whitening teeth for safety purposes. Because of this, we can say that carbamide peroxide is used to whiten the tooth enamel without the increased risks of sensitivity that would be experienced when you go for the harsher hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This compound is much more common as a bleaching ingredient in teeth whitening products, antiseptics and hair bleaching products. Although the levels used in the EU and other countries differ, it’s always recommended that you go to a dentist if you want to use hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth. This is because it’s a very strong compound that works well but may cause some irreversible damage if not used in the right proportions. Some of the side effects experienced when you use this compound the wrong way include gum and mouth irritation as well as increased tooth sensitivity.

Which One Works Better?

Because carbamide peroxide turns into hydrogen peroxide over a period of several hours the teeth bleaching process is slowed down and is much more controllable. This means that it is probably better and safer to use home teeth whitening systems that use carbamide peroxide because you will have plenty of time to notice any issues such as sensitivity and stop the whitening process without any harm.

In the dentist’s office, there are experts on hand to monitor the bleaching process and they can take care of you quickly and efficiently. For this reason, they can safely use hydrogen peroxide and you will benefit from a faster treatment.

Which Should You Choose?

The choice of chemical is a choice about safety and ease of use. Because the bleaching effect is slowed down when carbamide turns into hydrogen peroxide you have more control over the bleaching process. If you have any discomfort, sensitivity or pain you have more time to stop the process and protect your teeth and gums.

As a balance between effectiveness and safety, look for systems that use carbamide peroxide and ensure that the amount of carbamide peroxide in the teeth whitening gel is between 10% and around 35% giving 3.5% to 12% hydrogen peroxide.

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