AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit Review – An Honest Review With Before and After Pictures!

Can the AuraGlow Deluxe get you that pearly white smile without the high costs of going to the dentist’s office? I decided to buy it myself and put it to the test.

Just so you know I purchased this directly from the company. Here is my proof of purchase!

What is The AuraGlow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System?
It’s a system designed to whiten the user’s teeth in a similar way to that used by dentists but at a much lower cost and with modifications to make it safe to be used by ordinary people at home.

First Impressions – Unboxing
The whole package is delivered in an attractive and professionally designed box that gave a good impression before even seeing the product.

The package that I received consisted of the following items:

  • 1x LED teeth whitening accelerator.
  • 2x Whitening gel syringes of 35% carbamide peroxide. Claimed to be adequate for 20 whitening sessions.
  • 1x Gum tray that holds the bleaching gel and works on both upper and lower teeth at the same time.
  • 1x Storage case for the mouth tray.
  • 1x Instructions for use.

When I went through the package, I liked that the gel was supplied in syringes because I could see that it would be much easier to measure out the right quantity of bleaching gel. The storage box comes in stylish blue and looks nice in your bathroom cabinet or wash bag.

The LED activation light did not work right away, but that was my fault! There’s a clear plastic tab protecting the batteries from discharging before reaching the customer. All I needed to do was pull the tab out, and I could turn on the blue LEDs.

That was a reminder to myself to check the instructions before going any further!

Putting The Kit to the Test
I’ve tried other kits that make similar claims but there are a couple of differences between this one and other somewhat similar kits. The first difference I noticed was that the gel tray that fits over your teeth is a one-size-fits-all device.

Other gel trays I have used required that I boil the plastic to make it fit better over my teeth.

I was worried that the AuraGlow’s much simpler design would leak or be uncomfortable. But thankfully that was not the case. The gel tray fitted perfectly, was comfortable, and, after my first session, didn’t leak any noticeable amount of gel.

Before using the system, the instructions make it clear that you should brush and floss thoroughly before use. That makes sense, but I can understand that some people are too excited and end up rushing things and then don’t get the best result from the session.

But I contained my excitement and made sure my teeth were clean before I got started.

You also need to fix the activator LED to the mouth tray before you can get started. That’s a difference to some other kits where the two are always separate, and the user has to hold the light between the teeth to keep everything in place. The manufacturer claims that fixing the light in this way improves the activation effect because the placement is perfect.

The gel trays only need a very small amount of gel, the instructions suggest between 0.3 and 0.5Ml of whitening gel per session. When trying to measure out such a small amount the graduated syringes used to store the gel immediately became a very practical solution. 


Even with the graduations, the first time I used it there was a little excess gel. I wiped the excess away so that I didn’t risk irritating my gums and remembered to use a little less of the gel in the future.

I wiped the excess away so that I didn’t risk irritating my gums and remembered to use a little less of the gel in the future.

The instructions suggest using the system for 30 minutes each session. The activating light has a 10-minute timer which turns off the light and beeps. This is very handy because it means you can relax and do something else without losing track of time.

Three sets of beeps and the session is finished. The recommended usage is once per day for 7 to 10 days and then repeat as needed after a two-week interval.

I had no problem with sensitivity, but the instructions give clear guidance as to how to modify the schedule of your whitening sessions to account for sensitivity. It’s worth noting that sensitivity is usually a short-term issue and, if it does occur, it only lasts a short while.

Does It Work?
Obviously different people have different teeth and differing amounts of staining, and so my results are unlikely to be exactly the same as yours; that said, for me, AuraGlow definitely worked!

After the first session, I thought I could see a slight difference, but that could’ve been because it was what I wanted to see. After the second session though, the improvement was clear. After I had used it for four days, there was a very significant improvement that continued over several more sessions. After 8 days of use, I felt that I was no longer seeing a significant improvement and stopped after ten days. I will be following

After my 8th session, I didn’t see any other significant improvements and stopped after ten days. I will be following AuraGlow’s recommendations for maintenance treatment sessions.

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My experience has been largely positive. There were a couple of small issues though.
Sometimes the light and the gum tray didn’t stick together. This only happened a couple of times and I really thought that I had fitted the two together correctly.

Also keeping the device in my mouth for so long caused me to get an excess of saliva. I solved the problem by keeping a glass with me during each session and every now and then I would empty my mouth.

Long Term Use
There are other kits that look a lot like the AuraGlow, but apart from the improvements over other systems that I mentioned above, there’s one more reason I’d like to note: The company is clearly in the business for the long haul. They sell additional gel supplies for the system but also offer other products.

For example, you can buy an instant tooth whitening pen for discreet ‘on the go’ use. But there’s also a charcoal-based tooth whitening powder for those times when using the gel-based product simply isn’t possible. They don’t seem to be a fly by night company.

Is This Kit Right for You?
Even though I found this the AuraGlow to be effective, it won’t suit everyone. For example, I know that I had stains from smoking. This meant that the yellowing was on the surface of my teeth.

This kit can only work on surface staining. If your staining is from inside your teeth, then you really need to see a dentist.

If you know that your discoloration is from surface staining the next issue to consider is time. The AuraGlow is fast, but it isn’t instant. Your dentist can get your teeth much whiter in a single session.

With AuraGlow you’ll be spending up to 30 minutes a day for up to 10 days. This isn’t the solution if you need a sparkling white smile for a date this weekend or a job interview tomorrow!

But if you’re willing to give it a little time and you want to save hundreds of dollars compared to going to the dentist then you’re probably a good candidate for the Aura Glow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System. It’s similar to what the dentist will use, but modified for safe home use, similar gel and similar technology.

Do I Recommend It?
If you have external staining from food and drinks, or maybe smoking and you don’t mind that the whitening process will take a few days to reach its maximum effect then, yes, I recommend it! You may find that it takes more, or less, time to get the results you want than I did but if you follow the instructions, you will get there.

If you’re unsatisfied for whatever reason, AuraGlow offers a 30-day money-back policy, so I think there’s really no reason not to try it!

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